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What our students have to say

When we ponder about grasping 3-D visualisation we focus on professionals who can assist us to a world of Prosperous wealth. Such a person is Gaurav saxena , Helping others to achieve the same intellectual level in this field . He is at the zenith of success because some are natural born talent. He has strengthen his skills by working with honorable companies and he is very patient and passionate about his work making him persistent in the market . Always finding out new ways to make things easier for his students to make his students not just a learner but professional by nature and developing an urge to grow.

Mohit Arora

When we muse about enlightening ourselves with 3-D visualisation our emphasis is just on a person who has been in this field for years and is passionate about his work . Gaurav saxena is such a kind who is surely at the optimum point in his career but still has an urge to grow far beyond limits . He isn't just evolving but assisting other by his intellectual mind to grow and learn not just 3-D but how to develop in this race of Life. He has been working with honourable companies strengthening his skills by being patient in life . He has been persistent on the top due to his hard work and teaching his students by the same level of determination.

Rupesh Verma

As far it is concerned for training in 3d architecture visualisation, Gaurav saxena sir was always my first preference. His in-depth knowledge of everything regarding this field is outstanding, When he is teaching, every complicated task we face as a student becomes very easy,

His teachings helped me alot in learning evey aspect of 3d visualisation, He is one of the best in industry, I am always thankful to be his student.

Ranjeet Dixit

When someone ask me "from where did you learn 3D visualisation?" I proudly say " Gaurav Saxena Sir". After a long time i find teacher Who believes in pouring knowledge to candidates with his whole heart. He doesn't teach to earn only, he teaches to making his students earn. Learning from him is a type of investment.

Kusum Pal

When it comes to name of the best teacher, Gaurav Saxena sir's name is one of them in my list. He teaches selflessly without keeping any secret about material and rendering and other techniques. His only motive for his students is teaching all the techniques in few months which he learnt by his experience in years. And it helps his students growing fast in the field of 3D visualisation.

Lakhan Dani

Gaurav Sir, is very professional in teaching. Always there for you for finding solutions to any Problem and makes things easier with new techniques..Thank you so much Gaurav Sir!!

Milind Modi

It was a great experience to learn vray from Gaurav sir. He is truly a genius, the way he solve our queries is so accurate & to the point. His teaching methods are really out of the box. I wish every CGI student would get the chance to learn from him.

Shahzad Khan

Mr.Gaurav saxena has very good hold in his field, his teaching skills are very good which helped me to develop a deep understanding of the subject.He is very polite and ground to earth person, with the help of his classes I improved a lot.

Avinash Kumar

I choose to learn from the best. When it comes to learning 3d Visualization, Mr. Gaurav Saxena is that personóheís skillful, humble, passionate, teaching from personal experience, and excited to show you the way.

Roopesh Yadav

Gaurav Sir is a great teacherÖ. In just few weeks, I learned techniques that I will use over a lifetime to improve my skills.I highly recommend him.

Rohit Rohilla

As a teacher Gaurav Sir inspired me in the art of Rendering and the desire to convey knowledge more than any other teacher in my life. So Thank you for that Sir, and I know you will continue to do the same in your unique way to others.

Amit Kumar

Thank you Sir, for such an engaging, hands on and valuable experience!

Rohit Khushwaha

I just want to say that you are an excellent teacher, that all my progress is because of you, and thanks for all the help you gave me. I wish the best for you.

Deepanshu Goel

Such a wonderful experience learning from him, He is that one person with great knowledge and an outstanding way of teaching. He believes in applying his theories practically unlike other teachers. He prioritize quality to quantity. Many Many thanks for all your Productive Direction.

Saurav Aggarwal

Thanks a million for sharing the knowwledge, I improved a lot. I hope to come back to GCG again.

Murad Alam

I feel that studying with Gaurav Sir was a great learning experience every day that has helped me tackle professional problems with ease.

Surender Singh

One of the best things that happened to me is GCG, Learning with Mr.Gaurav was fun and frolic.


I have learned lot of new things and also learned how to approach on the workflow from GCG, the course is excellent, the clearest , simplest and most effective.

Ijas Kaithal

I am very much, grateful that I got to learn from Gaurav sir. So many techniques and inspiration, I must say I was on my own after I learn from him. People seeking opportunity in CGI Field would gain knowledge from him. A Great person with a decorated knowledge.

Abhishek Pratap Singh

The experience here has been a life changing one, and one which I will cherish throughout my life..

Sonee Shah

My name is Bilal Arshad, I am working as a 3d visualizer.

It was such a wonderful experience for me to learn with Gaurav Sir. Attending his classes was always like taking a deep dive into an ocean full of knowledge. He has been a wonderful mentor and an amazing companion for me. Thank you for always pushing me to try my best..

Bilal Arshad

I just want to say that gaurav sir is a brillient teacher.his methods helped me alot in learning. I have a great experience with u. Thank You sir, you are the best in the industry.

Upneet Singh

Hello, I am Gurpreet singh, a 3D visualizer. This visualizer title with my name is just because of Gaurav Sir as he taught me very well with full efforts and total co-operation. I am glad and proud to be his student because he is the only one who gave me such title with full dedication and responsibility. He makes me learn each and every thing very smoothly and politely that I love learning from him. He always co-operates in each and every thing and solves my problems on time without any hassles. I am hearty thankful to you sir you are such a wonderful person. I really love your teachings and always walk on your shown path. Thank you so much.

Gurpreet Singh

Gaurav saxena was suggested to me by one of my friend who himself is a 3D visualizer. At first i was not sure how will it be possible to do the training online, but as soon as we started it was very easy and effective. The way he teaches helps me in improving my 3d rendering skills, this guy is not like others who teaches for exact 60mins, Infact he is available whenever you need him and having quiet a good knowledge about Vray rendering he can solve the issues in just a click. He is Humble, soft spoken, creative, dedicated towards his work, and passionate to teach his students makes him a complete Teacher.

Ankush Kumar

My experience with Gaurav Sir has been unforgettable from the start! It's difficult to sum up the experience of my training in few lines, There is something motivational and special.

Pratyush Shekhar

I have been using V-Ray from past 5 years. It's just 24 days I have joined his course and realized the miracles happened in this 24 days. These 24 days of training make me more confident and sharp compared to past 5 years. The knowledge he shares is an eye-opener for me,I really feel honored to know him.

Mohd. Asif

Myself shareef,from Kerala. I got information about Mr. Gaurav from facebook. It was an awesome experience and he trained v-ray simply and effectively. I'm completely satisfied from his training, Why because.. I'm a person from Kerala. I have language problem .. But Gaurav sir manage it very well and also I got a special attention. He is such a nice person too. I got very authentic training there. I am really thankful to him and I wish all success. It's been an absolute pleasure to have been associated with Gaurav Sir.


My name is Ajay and I work as a 3d Artist in the real estate industry. My learning experience with Gaurav Sir was really amazing. It was so enlightening to be with him in the class every time. He is a wonderful Guru and an amazing mentor. Thank you for all the support you gave and the knowledge exchange you did to extract the best out of me.

Ajay Dharamshi

It was a wonderful experience for me to learn from Gaurav sir. He is a wonderful mentor, a nice person and an amazing companion for me. Thank you for always pushing me to try my best.

Kajal Mahor