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Take your rendering knowledge from basic to pro by using a pro workflow. Learn most used rendering engines in architectural visualization industry, achieving reliable, good looking, and realistic results. Spend your time to improving the actual scene, rather than tweaking its settings. Learning the fundamentals of the rendering engines understand how it works, which can be a very useful skill to master. Learn all the fundamental concepts behind rendering and create realistic scenes on your own.

Get the full proof workflow

Gain the skills you need to be a rendering master! Our well versed Rendering course walks you through everything you need know to use rendering engines in your architectural design. You'll learn how to light and render both day and night scenes, as well as create your own fast-rendering architectural materials. You'll learn how to control different lighting setups, file outputs, cameras, and render. You'll learn some plugins used to create flowing curtains, bedding using cloth simulation, change the material, and create a grass lawn, bushes, and trees. By the end of the training, you'll have improved skills to produce a set of images that any potential client will love. 


Our main areas of expertise


Those who already have a basic understanding of arch viz, but want to take their images to the next level


UE4 enthusiasts who want to use real time for architecture.


Beginners, intermediates, and experts who want to apply workflow with Unreal Engine.

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Such a wonderful experience learning from him. He is that one person with great knowledge and an outstanding way of teaching. He believes in applying his theories practically unlike other teachers. He prioritize quality to quantity. Many Many thanks for all your Productive Direction.


Check out what students say

As a teacher Gaurav Sir inspired me in the art of Rendering and the desire to convey knowledge more than any other teacher in my life. So Thank you for that Sir, and I know you will continue to do the same in your unique way to others.


Check out what students say

I choose to learn from the best. When it comes to learning 3d Visualization, Mr. Gaurav Saxena is that person—he’s skillful, humble, passionate, teaching from personal experience, and excited to show you the way.


Check out what students say

Mr.Gaurav saxena has very good hold in his field, his teaching skills are very good which helped me to develop a deep understanding of the subject.He is very polite and ground to earth person, with the help of his classes I improved a lot.


Check out what students say

It was a great experience to learn vray from Gaurav sir. He is truly a genius, the way he solve our queries is so accurate & to the point. His teaching methods are really out of the box. I wish every CGI student would get the chance to learn from him.


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When it comes to name of the best teacher, Gaurav Saxena sir's name is one of them in my list. He teaches selflessly without keeping any secret about material and rendering and other techniques. His only motive for his students is teaching all the techniques in few months which he learnt by his experience in years. And it helps his students growing fast in the field of 3D visualisation.


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When someone ask me "from where did you learn 3D visualisation?" I proudly say " Gaurav Saxena Sir". After a long time i find teacher Who believes in pouring knowledge to candidates with his whole heart. He doesn't teach to earn only, he teaches to making his students earn. Learning from him is a type of investment.


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As far it is concerned for training in 3d architecture visualisation, Gaurav Saxena sir was always my first preference. His in-depth knowledge of everything regarding this field is outstanding, When he is teaching, every complicated task we face as a student becomes very easy, His teachings helped me a lot in learning every aspect of 3d visualisation, He is one of the best in industry, I am always thankful to be his student.


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When we ponder about grasping 3-D visualisation we focus on professionals who can assist us to a world of Prosperous wealth. Such a person is Gaurav saxena , Helping others to achieve the same intellectual level in this field . He is at the zenith of success because some are natural born talent. He has strengthen his skills by working with honorable companies and he is very patient and passionate about his work making him persistent in the market . Always finding out new ways to make things easier for his students to make his students not just a learner but professional by nature and developing an urge to grow.


Check out what students say

When we muse about enlightening ourselves with 3-D visualisation our emphasis is just on a person who has been in this field for years and is passionate about his work . Gaurav saxena is such a kind who is surely at the optimum point in his career but still has an urge to grow far beyond limits . He isn't just evolving but assisting other by his intellectual mind to grow and learn not just 3-D but how to develop in this race of Life. He has been working with honourable companies strengthening his skills by being patient in life . He has been persistent on the top due to his hard work and teaching his students by the same level of determination.